Q: I already have a web site… why do I need you?

A: Let me ask you a question. If I showed you two identical Ferarris next to each other, one with an engine and one without, could you pick which was which?

What if I also told you the one without the engine would cost you up to three times more to buy than the one with the engine! You’d now own a Ferarri that you paid three times too much for and you can’t even drive it anywhere.

This is exactly what’s happening with the majority of web sites on the internet. Your web site probably has “no engine” and it’s certainly not going anywhere in terms of getting found on the internet and attracting visitors. In addition, you probably paid much, much more for it than you needed to… and it doesn’t even do what you want it to!

Talk to me if you want a “Ferarri web site” with a “Formula 1 engine” in it and don’t want to over pay for an under-performing site.

Q: Do you build web sites?

A: Yes we do but that’s not our primary focus. Our expertise is in attracting large numbers of targeted customers (not just traffic) to your web site who are eager to reach into their pocket, pull out their credit card, and buy your product or service.

Having said that… most web sites are built on the wrong foundations and will never be found on the internet in the first place. Obviously it’s better if we’re involved in the building process from the beginning and we can certainly create a web site for you that draws targeted traffic, generates leads and closes sales… often on autopilot! This can often involve multiple sites which include both sales and content sites.

Q: We’re already on page 1 of Google for our company name… why do we need your services?

A: It’s great that you’re on page 1 of Google for your company name but that’s too easy because firstly… there’s probably no competition for your company name anyway so it’s not difficult to achieve. Secondly… if someone is searching for your company name on Google then they already know about you.

You want to find and attract thousands of customers that have never heard of you if you want to increase your business. To do that you need to be on page 1 of Google (and the other major search engines as well) for hundreds of keywords that people are typing into Google etc to find your type of business.

To know what those keywords are, which have the most searches, and which are most likely to get you on page 1 requires extensive keyword analysis which is one of our specialties.

Q: My web site was built by a very reputable web design company but I get very few visitors. Why?

A: The best example to illustrate this problem is this… Let’s say you want to build a luxury hotel so you contract one of the most reputable hotel builders. After several months you’re hotel is finished and looks absolutely fantastic. You’re very happy with your builder for doing such a great job but then after a few weeks you realize that you have no visitors staying in your hotel. You contact the builder to let them know and what do they say? That’s not our problem… you have to do that yourself.

Most web sites are like the Taj Mahal in the middle of the Sahara Desert. They look fantastic but no-one goes there!

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